Rapha Road

More than just beautiful lawns and landscapes.

Hope Grows was created as a high-quality alternative for landscaping and lawn maintenance, with the added purpose of helping men and their families recover from the devastating effects of addiction through Rapha Road. 

We know how addiction ravages families. And we know how difficult the road back can be – from breaking the addiction to resetting their lives. We are not a treatment facility or program. Our mission is to provide a safe place where these men can stay sober. In addition to providing solid, dependable employment, we support them with 3-4 peer recovery meetings per week, regular drug testing, sponsorship, and other tools to help them stay sober. At the end of the year-long program, we help them find employment (or keep them on at Hope Grows) and support them wherever they go.

Learn More, please visit: www.rapharoad.org

The Rapha Road Program

Each year, a group of 4-6 men recovering from addiction are employed on the Hope Grows team. They live in the non-profit  Rapha Road House, work shoulder-to-shoulder with our landscape professionals, and fulfill their year-long commitment to living safe and sober.

These men are paid a competitive wage while also benefitting from the added healing properties of working outdoors and seeing the tangible results of their hard work.

After the men complete their commitment to the Rapha Road Program, they are given assistance moving up to the next stage of their recovery. If they’re interested, they can remain employed with us. And as they move on, openings are made for others fighting addiction.

Labor of Love

Our lawn/landscape business is for-profit, but the addiction-recovery aspect of Hope Grows is not for profit. 

A portion of all sales goes to the expenses of running the Hope Grows House. And we are eternally grateful to each and every customer that entrusts their lawn and landscaping to us.

You are helping sick people get healthy.

If you’d like to make additional contributions, our preference would be that you hire us for more work. And tell your friends about us. Alternatively, you can make a tax-deductible monetary contribution.

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