by | Nov 16, 2021

Thankfulness Blog



November is a time to reflect on all we are thankful for. We decided to use this blog platform to share gratitude instead of lawncare tips this month. Reflection reminds us how far we have come and what we have yet to accomplish. We could not have had the success we have had without the help of so many people along the way.

It is with a full and happy heart that we say thanks to:


The people that God has put in our path to make this program operate and grow have been amazing. The stories are so extraordinary that only God could have arranged this. We continue to seek guidance and direction for this important mission of providing a safe place to live and dependable employment while recovering from addiction.


Family Support

The only way a program like ours can work is with 100% buy-in from everyone’s family.  This includes the families of our employees and the families of the guys in our program.



Our employees that live outside the house are amazing. They embraced this concept from day one.  They patiently train the new guys in the program. They are very supportive in helping the guys live and grow in their new sobriety. They sit alongside our guys to do life with them.  We are a wolf pack of guys helping and supporting each other. It has been a lot of fun watching these guys become friends and brothers in this program.


The Residents of the House and Program

The courage and humility the guys have shown during their road to recovery are inspiring. It takes incredible courage to seek help for addiction. It takes additional courage to commit to living in a community with other men for a year while continuing to get healthy. Our guys make a huge commitment when they come to our program. A few of our guys are now starting the process of transitioning out of our program and onto independent living. We will have their stories to share soon.


The Community

Our customers trust us with their landscape maintenance needs. Without the support of our customers, we could not provide this opportunity to men in recovery. Our team has performed over 25,000 hours of work, mowed 5,400 yards, installed over 4,000 yards on mulch, and fertilized over 800 yards this season! It has also been encouraging to hear some of our customers’ stories about their experience with recovery. Addiction touches so many lives.


 The House Manager

We are so thankful for Mike. Mike’s journey to recovery prepared him for this opportunity and he has embraced every aspect of what we are trying to accomplish.  Mike has been responsible for establishing the rules of the house, creating our meeting curriculum, and providing roles and responsibilities, all while investing in each guy’s recovery on an individual basis.  Mike has also taken the initiative to become a certified peer recovery coach which will be a huge benefit to our program as we add additional facilities and programs.


Results and Future of the Program

Most importantly, we have two guys starting the process of transitioning out of the house and into their own place. These two guys will continue to work for Hope Grows and mentor the next group of men. We are actively looking for our second home. We will have more announcements and exciting news to share with you soon! Check-in over the winter season to see what is happening at

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with gratitude, family, friends, and a lot of love. Maybe a little turkey too (…unless you are vegan of course)!